gk2gk: Helping Geeky Singles Get A Hold Of a Leia for their Han Solo — And Vice Versa

The Short type: With programs like „The Big Bang principle” and video games like World of Warcraft raising in popularity nearly every day, it’s really no longer an insult to phone some one a geek. Actually, many divorced people meet today could possibly go as a compliment. That is particularly so of individuals at gk2gk.com, a dating web site that motivates singles to embrace their unique inner geek, nerd, or dork and helps them get a hold of their unique great match — because every Han Solo demands their Leia (and the other way around).


I found myself 12 yrs . old when I very first study „Harry Potter therefore the Sorcerer’s rock,” and I also got thus into it that I finished the ebook in daily.

My personal fascination with the storyline in regards to the guy Just who Lived has only grown further since many years went by. From the waiting consistent with my sister at Barnes and Noble for the release of „Goblet of flames” and visiting the midnight detailing of „purchase with the Phoenix.” I’ve a lightning bolt tattoo and a Harry Potter playlist on Spotify. I go to Harry Potter sunday at Universal Studios per January (happily sporting my personal Slytherin tones!) and see the marathons every time they’re on television.

Like an incredible number of other individuals, I grew up with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, in addition to their trip features influenced living in so many techniques. Should it be Harry Potter or other guide, film, or computer game, being excited about an interest typically forms just who people are, which they’re pals with, and even whom they date — without any understands that a lot more than gk2gk.com.

Launched in 2004, gk2gk is the initial dating site for single geeks, dorks, and nerds (no matter if they may be into Superstar Wars, Anime, or Cosplay) to locate similar individuals for friendship, a romantic date, a relationship, and/or marriage.

Getting a glimpse to the fun, special realm of gk2gk plus the similarly geeky people behind the website, we achieved out over Senior Internet Manager Erica Roth, whom contributed all the details with us.

„Mingle” & Some other involved Features inspire Singles to Open Up

The gk2gk signup is a common one: it takes merely 2 minutes generate a profile with fundamental info just like your age, gender, appearance, and ideal day. But gk2gk takes it a step further by asking people to categorize themselves as a „music enthusiast,” „stylish,” „artistic,” or various other geeky yet affectionate conditions.

There is even a part in your profile for answering a lot more questions like „Any time you could carry out meal with anybody, that would it be and exactly why?” „what exactly is Your Favorite Board Game?” or creating a question of your personal, which have been found in the corresponding procedure. You are additionally encouraged to include key words in your profile for much better coordinating (e.g., „Larping,” „Dungeons & Dragons,” or „Sailor Moon.” The target is to personalize them as much as possible.

Just what gk2gk in addition excels at is its interactive characteristics eg Mingle, a carousel of suits that asks „do you really embark on a date with him/her?” state no and you are found another profile. Say indeed and you’re offered info regarding individual and will deliver them an answer to a single of questions to make it to know each other even more.

Through this one-of-a-kind program, gk2gk has the ability to learn from their users’ on-site actions and create enjoyable, offline-like connections that in the end create better contacts.

„The interactive characteristics on the webpage actually help you to open up,” Erica stated.

The motivation Behind gk2gk — Geeks assisting Some other Geeks

Spencer Koppel had gotten the idea for a geek-specific dating internet site in 2004 after experiencing a split up. Newly single and a self-proclaimed nerd, Spencer had been sick and tired of the lack options for individuals like him who were into computer systems, crossword puzzles, comical books, and comparable pastimes — and exactly who failed to put increased exposure of appearance and social standing.

„appearance aren’t essential in terms of exactly who I would be interested in,” Spencer told ChicagoReader.com. „It is more, can we have typical passions? Do we read the same sort of books?”

The guy shown their frustrations to their girl, Laina, just who suggested he get matters into his personal hands, so he did and founded gk2gk right after.

In 2015, Spencer passed the gk2gk baton onto Avalanche LLC, a business enterprise that builds and markets winning sites like their (their first launch becoming Date.com in 1997 on romantic days celebration). Avalanche presently has over 20 mainstream and niche websites into the matchmaking business, with a combined 5 million+ subscribed people (2 million on gk2gk only) much more than 100 nations and 100,000 brand new singles signing up for every month.

„We like in the love company,” their unique motto claims.

Behind the impressive numbers is actually a group that is as geeky just like the men and women they help. Once they’re not doing things like attending Comi-Con with each other, they are enjoying their unique specific geeky passions — eg President Meir Stralhberg watches „Star Trek,” CFO Peder Sahlin procedures photos and understands the worth of good Hawaiian top, and Director of promotion Carlos Ealdama accumulates classic shoes.

„i’m, specifically, a film buff,” Erica included.

Last Thoughts

gk2gk has converted the net dating scene for geeks, and as a fellow technical, I really appreciate that. a technical is in fact someone that is excited about anything — whether it is one playing WoW, a woman obsessing over Harry Potter, or a group of people reveling within their provided interest. All of us would like to satisfy someone special who will get us, and gk2gk is actually streamlining that process.

„‘Geek’ is actually a pretty broad term, therefore it can indicate several types of people, whether they’re tech savvy or interested in science-fiction or using the internet video gaming or comics. While gk2gk is actually a niche dating site, there is an easy array of solutions within that niche,” Erica mentioned.

For the reason that exact same vein, Erica included that objective for gk2gk is to continue achieving more substantial, much more diverse audience, particularly in terms of attracting a lot more females.

„we actually need to get a lot more females to the program so it’s an even playing area and folks have a far better user experience,” she stated.